The Calcium Conundrum

Remove:        Pasteurized Milk

Replace With: Organic Coconut Milk, Organic Almond Milk, Organic Kefir, Raw Milk and cheese, (while it is illegal to sell raw milk in supermarkets in most States, it can be purchased from licensed dairy farmers).

Here’s Why: Briefly, when milk is pasteurized it is heated to extremely high temperatures to kill off any harmful bacteria.  Sounds good, but what they don’t tell you is that it also kills off all the living enzymes, nutrients, and probiotics in milk.  What’s worse, most people purchase low fat and skim milks which have their natural fats removed.  Consider the fact that dairy products are a macronutrient called FAT.  If you remove the fat out of dairy, you know longer get that macronutrient and now your dairy product can’t even be considered a food category (fat, protein, or carb).  What your basically left with is mucus forming sugar water.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to get your calcium intake without drinking milk, consider the fact that we’ve been  drinking milk for years now, and yet we have a bigger calcium deficiency than ever before. We get plenty of calcium from sources other than dairy.



Almonds 3oz 210 Coffee
Brazil nuts 3oz 160 Soft Drinks
Hazelnuts 3.5oz 209 Diuretics
Pistachios 3.5oz 135 Excess Animal Protein
Sunflower seeds 2oz 80 Alcohol
Walnuts 3.5oz 99 Marijuana
DAIRY Tobacco
Cheddar Cheese 2oz 400 Excess Salt & Sugar
Jack Cheese 2oz 420 Refined Sugars
Swiss Cheese 2oz 530 Vegetables from the Solanacea
Other Cheeses 2oz 3-400   family, i.e: Eggplant
Cow’s Milk 6oz 225                    Tomatoes
Goat’s Milk 6oz 240 Peppers
Yogurt 6oz 300 Potatoes
Broccoli 2 stalks 250 VIT D SOURCES
Collard greens 3.5oz 117 Fish
Kale 3.5oz 134 Tuna
Turnip greens 6oz 220 Sardines
Watercress 3.5oz 151 Cod Liver Oil
Parsley 3.5oz 203 Egg Yolks
Hijiki 3.5oz 1,400 Vit D and Calcium Uptake:
Wakame 3.5oz 1.300 Increases the intestinal absorption
Kelp 3.5oz 1,099 Increases renal ( kidney)
Kombu 3.5oz 800                               re-absorption
Nori 3.5oz 260 Increases bone mineralization
ANIMAL PROTIEN Decreases serum (blood)calcium
Sardines 3.5oz 443
Salmon 3.5oz 79
Garbanzo 3.5oz 150
Black 3.5oz 135
Pinto 3.5oz 135
Soybeans, cooked 6oz 150
Tofu (soy beans) 3.5oz 100
Amaranth 3.5oz 222
Quinoa 3.5oz 141
Blackstrap Molasses 1Tbs 130
Carob flour 2oz 110
Corn tortillas (4) 2oz 125
Dried apricots 3oz 80
Dried figs 3oz 100
adminThe Calcium Conundrum

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