“I embarked on Aubrey’s program because I was desperate for help. I had a sudden onset of food allergies that were quite severe. I could not eat, as everything set it off, and I began to starve. I also suffered from insomnia, migraines, muscle and joint tension, pain (aka ‘fibromyalgia’), seasonal allergies, as well as some stomach upset.

I tried numerous doctors, testing, and medications for allergies, migraines, insomnia and fibromyalgia. All were treated similarly with a type of sedative for night time use which often made me very drowsy through the next morning – as most of these types of meds did. Although the migraine medication produced scary side effects, the migraines themselves were even worse.

It seemed no one could help me, no Western Medicine doctors or allergy specialists knew what to do. In a nutshell I was trying a conglomeration of different medications all of which did not provide me with much relief… and I still couldn’t eat.

This is when I met Aubrey and started the Living Balance Program.

I was very motivated and followed the program outlined very closely. To this day, I still have some minor food allergies but I can now eat! And those few allergies are quite specific and very manageable. I no longer have seasonal allergies, or the need for medications for such. I no longer have migraines, nor do I have the debilitating joint pain or fibromyalgia that I once had. I am also able to sleep through the night on a regular basis.

I have achieved all of my desired results, and even though I eat differently than I ever had before, I have learned enough about my body to know how to make adjustments to meals to make them more complimentary to my diet and still have them be fairly fast and easy to make. Without a doubt, this program was worth my investment. I often refer my family and friends!”

– Heather Crump

“I started working with Aubrey to overcome long term weight issues, increase my energy, and balance my hormones. I found Aubrey’s program to be very effective. So far I have gotten off thyroid medication, gotten rid of a pathogen infection, improved digestion, am losing weight, and have improved my hormonal situation. My energy and clarity are better and I’m moving in the right direction with the weight loss.

I feel that my results were well worth my investment! I have appreciated Aubrey’s patience and encouragement on this complicated and long term journey. Her knowledge in this field is extensive and her professionalism is excellent!”

– Mary

“Aubrey’s program has helped me in many ways. Despite being chronically tired after work, something inspired me to attend a seminar Aubrey was giving one night, and I’m so glad I did!

I learned the importance of removing toxins from my body and how important that is to health and weight loss. I also learned the type of natural supplements I can take to aid in digestion and further assist in weight loss and balancing my system. I have since lost over 20 pounds, I am power walking 5 days per week, my cholesterol levels are normal, and I now know exactly what to eat and drink for my body type – I will never have to question that again! In addition, I did not get the usual respiratory problems and bronchitis I tend to get each winter – my immune is much stronger!

Aubrey’s program is definitely worth the investment. I think everyone should try it – it really works and you will love the acceptable foods to eat that still promote weight loss.”

– Anne Verna

“I started a health and wellness program with Living Balance to overcome issues with fatigue and to explore my diet.

I learned a lot about my body through the multiple tests Aubrey offers. The Hair Mineral Analysis gave me a lot of insight about how compromised my system was, the Adrenal Stress Test confirmed that I had long terms stressors throwing off my hormones, and the Metabolic Type Test allowed me to learn the specific foods suited to my body’s unique needs.”

When I follow the program as Aubrey designed it I definitely notice improvements in how I feel. I wish medical doctors would promote the same holisitc principles that Aubrey does, to make it more common knowledge and more affordable for all!”

– Connie

“I started a health and wellness program with Aubrey specifically to overcome an autoimmune disease known as lichens sclerosis. I also have suffered from long term chronic fatigue, skin problems, and GI upset for many years. I had tried everything in the past from acupuncture, medical doctors, chiropractors, and herbal treatments… yet nothing ever worked.

After some time embarking on Aubrey’s program I noticed some improvements with the frequent burning I often felt in my GI system. I also noticed my skin looked a lot clearer.

I have found Aubrey to be very sensitive to my needs, if I have a problem tolerating a food or supplement, she discusses it with me at length and adjusts my protocol according to my needs. I found this to be very helpful, having a very sensitive system. In addition, Aubrey’s on-line support is wonderful, and she is always quick to respond to my e-mails and questions. This helps me be able to follow her program guidelines more precisely.

I particularly like the uniqueness of Aubrey’s program. It is unlike any other experience for health improvement. I feel like I am on the road to wellness after many years of struggling with strange health symptoms. I feel that I finally am getting to the bottom of this long struggle and am very grateful for Aubrey and her kindness as well as her dedication to helping me reach my health goals.

My health is the best investment I could ever make. Although I am still on the path towards reaching my health goals, I know I will get there. I am so glad Aubrey was referred to me!”

– Lisa Rodriguez

Professional Testimonial

“It is a genuine pleasure and honor for me to recommend Aubrey Thompson. I have known Aubrey since March of 2007, where we were colleagues working in the same holistic health office. I have been fortunate to collaborate with Aubrey on shared patients, as well as to work with her on my own nutrition.

Aubrey is a very knowledgeable and skilled practitioner. She spends a great deal of time and energy creating programs unique to each client’s needs. Aubrey believes in and also practices health and healing from a whole-person perspective. Using education as her primary tool, Aubrey greatly emphasizes the building of health and disease risk reduction by approaching each person as a unique individual. She also makes sure that each client is fully engaged in their health recovery process.

It is clear to me that Aubrey loves her field and is consistently striving to learn more about how she can help her clients and their unique needs. I am very confident in Aubrey’s enthusiasm, knowledge and compassion for her work, and I know she brings tremendous energy and prestige to the field of Holistic Nutrition.”

– Dr. Jennifer Rolfs, D.A.C, Li Ac, NCCAOM Dipl